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Support for Tenants
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Support for Tenants

Our team of friendly Scheme Managers are there to monitor the wellbeing of residents, as well as ensuring a good community spirit is maintained through arranging social functions and encouraging tenants to take part.

At Westwood House, Eleanor Road and Rotary Court, the Scheme Managers spend most of their time at their respective schemes and make regular contact with tenants unless otherwise requested, with more frequent visits to any frail tenants as required.

At Lanchester Court, Fiddy’s Yard, Old School Court, Leander Court and St Barnabas Court, the Scheme Managers are visiting, and so the level of support is lower than the other schemes listed above. 

Each flat is connected to the call system by means of pull cords in each of the main rooms.  Pendants are available for those wishing for a higher degree of reassurance.   The call system is monitored 24/7, and a mobile response is provided when necessary.

The Society benefits from a relief Scheme Manager to ensure all schemes are covered during absence and annual leave.

Our homes are aimed at people who are able to live independently; Norwich Housing Society is unable to offer personal care.