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Criteria for acceptance
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Criteria for acceptance

The Society's priority is to house older people; applications are invited from any person over the age of 60 years for single people or, in the case of a couple, at least one of the them must be over 60 years and the other over 55 years.

Most of the accommodation is in one-bedroom flats but there are a few two-bedroom flats that can be let to couples with priority given to applicants that need extra room for health or similar reasons.

Our properties are aimed at those who are able to live independently; although there are resident and visiting Scheme Managers, the Society is unable to offer personal care.

Norwich Housing Society operates a waiting list that is open to everyone that meets our application criteria. However, properties are allocated on the basis of need, including financial circumstances.

Each application will be given a level of priority based on the assessment of the information contained in the application, plus any accompanying documentation, interviews and a home assessment. Please note that if we are unable to visit an applicant's home then an office assessment will be carried out at the Society's office in Bracondale, Norwich.

For all applications questions please contact us