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As a registered social landlord, Norwich Housing Society is required to ensure that its rents are affordable for those unable to find suitable accommodation in the open market, either by means of purchase or private renting.

The Society lets its accommodation on Weekly Periodic Assured Tenancies, which means that there is no fixed term.  The only exception to this is Stuart Court which has calendar monthly agreements. All new tenants will be issued with a Fixed Term 12 Month Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

The amount a tenant is required to pay comprises two elements:
The hire charge for the accommodation (rent)
A service charge covering the cost of any services provided (e.g. Scheme Manager, maintenance of gardens and cleaning of internal common areas).

These two amounts are added together and called the 'Rent'.

The rent element is assessed annually in accordance with a central government formula and there are restrictions by how much rent can increase year on year.  Subject to individual circumstances, all the Society's rents are eligible for full Housing Benefit.

The Service Charge is also calculated annually and is based on actual costs incurred by the Society providing these services during the previous financial year.  Most service charges are eligible for Housing Benefit or Supporting People subsidy.  A small number of flats have a personal heating charge included which falls outside eligibility for these benefits.

Tenants are encouraged, where-ever possible, to pay their rent by standing order or by means of Housing Benefit direct to the Society.

For all applications questions please contact us